“Simply put, there are no challenges we can’t solve together and very few we can really solve ourselves.”

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The power of partnerships

Given the many insurance brokers in California, we are extremely proud that a number of associations have privileged us with the opportunity to offer unique resources and solutions to their members.

We’ve worked hard to gain a real and deep understanding of the needs and wishes of our association partners. In order to complete the equation, we have purposely forged relationships with insurance companies that provide competitive pricing and comprehensive policy forms to the associations indentified below.

Western Suppliers Association (WSA)

Established in 1952, the WSA is a regional association of wholesale distributors, engaged in the wholesale distribution of plumbing, heating, cooling, and piping. The WSA region includes Northern CA, Northern NV, AK, HI, ID, MT, OR, WA, and WY.

WSA provides its members with a variety of programs and services that measurably enhance their individual businesses. These include credit reporting services, all facets of insurance needs, as well as third party insurance administration services.

We are proud to have been the endorsed broker since 1993.

Raise the Bar Association (RTB)

RTB is an association developed in 1999 to serve independent retailers in the grocer industry. As a community of store owners, members share, explore, question and learn from each other's experiences in managing their respective businesses.

The prevailing philosophy of RTB is that to succeed and grow your business, you make it possible for your existing customer to put one more item in their grocery cart.


AACA was established in 1975 to support the Asian construction community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their mission is to assist members to grow a successful business enterprise.

The association serves as an advocate for their members and helps them comply with government regulations and requirements. Membership is open to all interested parties connected to the construction industry in the San Francisco Bay Area.