“Nobody becomes impoverished as a result of too much giving.”

President and CEO


Please consider this an invitation to contact:
Megan Burgess, CWCS, CHRS
Community Impact Committee Chair
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Making an Impact

Giving back to those less fortunate isn’t about padding one’s resume, it isn’t about adding to one’s bottom line, and it surely isn’t about formal recognition. Our humanitarian initiatives are driven by a single, yet powerful purpose: to help an underserved human being. Once one understands and appreciates the fragility and beauty of our “normal” lives which are really “extraordinary” relative to the disenfranchised around us it’s natural and easy to embrace this purpose.

We’ve opened relationships with more than five hundred non-profit organizations in the past 30 years and have come to deeply value the impact borne from focused benevolence, compassion, and generosity. Witnessing the reduction in suffering and the improvement in people’s lives, we created the Suhr Risk Services Community Impact Committee. This arm of our company coordinates and volunteers employee time to participate in charitable events and drives our fundraising initiates to support local and national charities. Our corporate matching program, in tandem with the energies we collectively share with the organizations shown below, helps us make sure that we are improving the quality of life for people in need.

Shelter Network Toys for Tots Second Harvest Food Bank Project Linus Share Your Lunch Hopeline from Verizon Save the Bay
Pajama Program US Department of Veterans Affairs