“How we live each day is a symbol of the life we wish to live, a visible manifestation of who we are. It is a living, active, evolving testament to our will as individuals. People who work from their heart are indeed the lucky ones.”

President and CEO

A Delighted Client

“It is true when they say ‘You don’t know what you don’t know.’ Our insurance program appeared to be in order... you promptly helped us manage each and every issue and guided us through the insurance maze. We made the right decision to allow you to show us the value that we did not know existed.”

Gregory K. Redican
Executive Director
Community Action


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Jeff State, CRIS, CWCS
Senior Vice President
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Passionate about non-profits

The roots of our passion were born out of our sensitivity and compassion to the plight of the human condition. Underserved communities must not be forgotten by any of us. We feel a duty to play a part in helping those far less fortunate (please visit our Philanthropy page to see where we are currently involved). We took our first steps in 1978, when we formed the Community Arts Insurance Program. That’s when it all began.

Much has changed over the past three decades. But, one thing remains a constant: our unrelenting spirit and focus to be the best in serving our non-profit partners.

We invite you to take a look at our Philanthropy page which illustrates our commitment is more than just a bunch of words on paper.

Non-Profit Broker of Choice

In 1988, we spearheaded a relationship with the Nonprofits’ Insurance Alliance of California (NIAC). NIAC was the first and only insurance entity to qualify as a “charitable risk pool” under federal law. Fast forwarding to today, we are proud to represent every major insurer in the state of California that specializes in the non-profit sector. We are privileged to have designed the insurance and risk management plans for more than 500 non-profits in Northern California alone. Our team brings extraordinary knowledge and talent to the responsibility of tailoring insurance programs addressing the unique requirements of a specific non-profit. Our powerful market presence, along with our trademarked insurance programs and processes, lead to premiums that are awfully tough to beat.

Whether you are a charitable non-profit committed to community services, the arts, education, mental health, shelter, and/or social action, we are geared to bring counsel and the full menu of resources which all non-profits require.


Our business plan is built around an expertise in very specific niches. When you combine this know-how with the fact we have more professional designations per employee than any other insurance broker in California, our intellectual capital becomes something to reckon with.

Our genuine appreciation for people and our limitless passion to be the best in our business is a rather powerful motivator in the relationships we enjoy with our clients. It’s a commitment to be a “trusted adviser” rather than simply another vendor selling insurance products.

Partial Sampling of Client-Valued Services

  • A trademarked approach, the Risk Reduction Approach™
  • A trademarked approach, the Total Benefits Approach™
  • A trademarked approach, WC That Works ™
  • Truly unique intellectual capital for the non-profit organization
  • Tactical marketing to insurance companies that specialize in non-profits
  • Risk Management program design and analysis
  • In-house claims division to “police” insurance companies adjusters
  • Aggressive claim management leading to fair and equitable settlements
  • Proven processes to drive experience modification factors down to their lowest low
  • Strategic management of the “open claims” review process
  • Fraudulent claim identification and tracking procedures
  • Safety program development and execution
  • Consultative reviews of contracts and leases
  • Facility surveys for hazard identification
  • Development and implementation of innovative loss control programs
  • Development and implementation of Return-to-work programs
  • Class code re-assignment analysis
  • Educational seminars
  • Cal-OSHA compliance audits
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Fleet safety programs
  • Ergonomic programs
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Calendar of commitments
  • International expertise

Marketing Strategies

We are very deliberate in the processes we employ to negotiate the most competitive pricing an insurance company is postured to offer for each and every one of the policies we bring to you. Accomplishing this challenging outcome is part art, part science, part initiative. Our “top of the stack” submissions, the processes we have perfected over the past five decades, our relentless commitment to excellence… all come together to bring you unmatchable outcomes.