“Our goal is client delight, not client satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is worthless — customer delight is priceless.”

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Claims don’t have to be a pain

Let’s face it, your specialty is not insurance claims or insurance coverage. Over the years, you’ve probably had some good insurance claim experiences and probably a few bad ones. Do you get tired of worrying about the status of your claim? Do you get frustrated waiting for a return phone call? Do you feel that more could be done to get you the money you rightfully deserve?

A Better Experience

We know you will find the attitude of our dedicated claims team to be a refreshing change. We are absolutely passionate and driven to create a very different experience for you. We communicate clearly, promptly, and are up-front about what’s going on and where you are in the claims process. We’ll explain the coverage, how they apply to your loss, and take the burden off your back to make sure that the settlement is fair and right for your situation. We love exceeding expectations.

It’s a pretty basic fact, insurance companies aren’t eager to spend their money freely. Often times, because of our detailed coverage analysis, we are able to convince insurance companies to pay for a loss that may not have been paid otherwise.

From the simple auto claim to the major building fire, to the complex lawsuit, we will stand next to you, doing our best to support you during a traumatic time. It’s the right thing to do, and that is how we behave. Our promise: to bring you a hassle-free process leading to a fair and equitable outcome.

Partial Sampling of Client-valued Services

  • A persistent and dogged commitment to stand next to you until your claim concerns are resolved to your complete satisfaction
  • In-house claims division to “police” insurance companies adjusters
  • Aggressive claim management leading to fair and equitable settlements
  • Strategic management of the “open claims” review process
  • Historical and current claim reviews to develop action plans
  • Fraudulent claim identification and tracking procedures
  • Accident/loss statistical analysis
  • Implementation of the appropriate risk management techniques to reduce frequency and severity of future losses