“Quality isn’t expressed by a chart, a measurement, or a specification. It’s really nothing more than a state of mind, a decision, a vow, a personal affirmation of heightened accountability.”

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Prevention is possible

We hear from employers that there is little they can do to reduce both the frequency and severity of injury. “Accidents will happen,” they say, and we are hard pressed to find an employer that decides to get very serious about mitigating loss frequency. Employers get seduced by renewal premiums that continue to shrink and lose sight of the impact reduced loss frequency and severity has on insurance company pricing.

Your goal is to not have your people get hurt, while at the same time to pay the least amount of money you can to the insurance industry. An effective loss control program starts with commitment and the establishment of stretch goals. We encourage and demand that our clients challenge themselves and their workforce to create a phenomenal safety culture within their workplace.

How Do You Raise the Bar?

Sure, there are safety regulations that require specific injury protection safeguards for equipment, work areas, job tasks, and industries, and there is a direct financial cost to employers who fail to comply with these regulations in the form of government imposed fines and penalties. But, this doesn’t create a “phenomenal” safety culture. This is nothing more than compliance.

Not all employers have the means to hire on-staff professionals trained in loss prevention and safety management – that’s where we come in. Our team of safety professionals can run the offense and take your existing safety program to a level that it is not at today, serving your employees and their families while giving you new leverage with insurance companies to reduce future premiums.

Partial Sampling of Client-valued Services

  • Safety Compliance Audits – complete review of practices and procedures in place to withstand the scrutiny of a safety inspection without assessment of fines and penalties
  • Loss Analysis – analyze historical claim experience, identify where claims have occurred, cause of accidents, type of injuries, in order to address all issues
  • Safety Meeting Presentations – we can arrange to lead safety meetings at your location
  • Safety Incentive Programs – design incentive programs to influence behaviors of your employees
  • Safety Meeting Topic Outlines – prepared discussion outlines and instructor guides
  • Safety Training Material – provision of training material for most industry and job hazards