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MyWave is your pass to a dynamic world of tools and information related to employee benefits and human resources. MyWave puts the power of the internet at your fingertips and provides timesaving tools and resources to help you manage the complexities of your Human Resources and Employee Benefits challenges.

Partial Sampling of Client-valued Services

  • Human Resource Management means employing people, developing their capacities, utilizing, maintaining, and compensating their services in tune to the job and organizational requirements
  • Benefits keeps you up to date with State and Federal legislation that requires your attention.
  • Compensation strategies to provide competitive compensation to maintain productivity levels, retain top talent, to mitigate worker burnout and to provide employees with the opportunities of upward mobility
  • Recruitment content on workforce planning, staffing technologies, recruitment strategies, labor issues, and trends
  • Compliance provides you with training tools to comply with State and Federal regulations.
  • Communication helps you customize and develop your communication solutions to deliver the appropriate messages to your employees
  • Health Care Reform provides you with day to day information on the many reform issues that may impact health care delivery in your workplace
  • Benefit Legislation keeps you abreast of all laws and regulations that have an impact on your benefits programs
  • Interactive Posting allows a Human Resource or Employee Benefits professional to submit questions or concerns to a vast audience of peers and professional across the United States
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