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Please consider this an invitation to learn how you can gain access to the tools and resources available through WC That Works™ and to contact:
Sheldon Beitzel, CLCS, CWCA, CRIS
Senior Vice President
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Let’s take advantage of a flawed system

Our foundation, the very heart and soul of Suhr Risk Services, is Workers’ Compensation. It goes without saying – the Workers’ Compensation system is unpredictable and unfair. Once an injury occurs, the inconsistency of the system in how it treats employees and employers leads to your financial disadvantage. In a nutshell, if left to its own devices, the impact of the system on California employers is nothing short of destructive.

WC That Works!™

We have developed a trademarked resource to help our clients regain control of both their short and long term Workers’ Compensation costs. In tandem with our trademarked process, the Risk Reduction Approach™, our team of professionals has gathered the necessary tools, forms, templates, and samples, on a password protective website, WC That Works!™. For the first time, here you will find the resources necessary to drive your Workers’ Compensation costs down to its lowest possible level.

With our WC That Works!™ team supporting you before, during, and after a claim, you will realize the best possible outcome for each and every injury. Our unmatchable support will enable you to seize control over your program costs for years to come.

Let’s be frank, insurance companies don’t pay claims, you do. They merely finance them for you at an incredibly high rate of interest. Our proprietary processes focus on proactively managing more than 30 factors that play a role in creating the Workers’ Compensation premiums you pay.

Put the money back in your pocket, and put the power back in your hands.

Partial Sampling of Client-valued Services

  • A trademarked approach, WC that Works!™
  • Unmatched intellectual capital
  • Strategic management of the “open claims” review process
  • In-house claims division to “police” insurance companies adjusters
  • Tactical marketing to insurance companies that dominate the Workers’ Compensation  marketplace
  • Proven processes to drive experience modification factors down to their lowest low
  • Class code re-assignment analysis
  • Fraudulent claim identification and tracking procedures
  • Safety program development and execution
  • Cal-OSHA compliance audits
  • Development and implementation of innovative loss control programs
  • Development and implementation of Return-to-work programs
  • Accident/loss statistical analysis
    Ergonomic programs
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Educational seminars
  • Calendar of commitments
  • International expertise