“People should demand excellence from a true professional. Settling for mediocrity seems to be the norm.”

President and CEO

A Delighted Client

“I have been very pleased with your proactive recommendations and strategies to build a risk management plan which addresses our needs of today and anticipates our requirements for the future.”

Ken Owyang
Marimba, Inc.


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The artful management of risk

We hold more professional designations, per employee, than any insurance brokerage in the state of California. Why? Because we believe, as a professional, it’s our duty to bring real knowledge and real value to our customers. We put that innovative capital to work for you through consulting arrangements tailored to the specific outcomes you’re committed to achieve.

Total Costs of Risk

Understanding all cost drivers, not just premiums, gives you a more complete picture of how risk is financially impacting your organization. Simply put, Total Costs of Risk (TCOR) is nothing more than premiums, deductibles, self-insured gaps, and opportunity costs. The astute management of these four factors leads to intelligent risk management design with the best investment of your premium dollars.

Performance-driven Partnerships

The commitment we live by is to build a long-term performance-driven partnership with you by consistently delivering trusted and innovative risk management consulting services. As consultative brokers, we are proud of the resources and solutions that typically surprise even the most seasoned insurance buyer and risk managers.

When you add our vast insurance company representation and the relationships we have cultivated over the past six decades, to a powerful team of people with incomparable expertise, the outcome is comprehensive insurance programs at the least expensive price points.

Partial Sampling of Client-valued Services

  • A trademarked approach, the Risk Reduction Approach™
  • A trademarked approach, the Total Benefits Approach™
  • A trademarked approach, WC That Works ™
  • Unmatched intellectual capital
  • Tactical marketing to virtually an unlimited list of insurance companies
  • Risk Management program design and analysis
  • In-house claims division to “police” insurance companies adjusters
  • Aggressive claim management leading to fair and equitable settlements
  • Proven processes to drive experience modification factors down to their lowest low
  • Strategic management of the “open claims” review process
  • Fraudulent claim identification and tracking procedures
  • Safety program development and execution
  • Consultative reviews of contracts and leases
  • Facility surveys for hazard identification
  • Development and implementation of innovative loss control programs
  • Development and implementation of Return-to-work programs
  • Class code re-assignment analysis
  • Educational seminars
  • Cal-OSHA compliance audits
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Fleet safety programs
  • Ergonomic programs
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Calendar of commitments
  • International expertise

Marketing Strategies

We are very deliberate in the processes we employ to negotiate the most competitive pricing an insurance company is postured to offer for each and every one of the policies we bring to you. Accomplishing this challenging outcome is part art, part science, part initiative, and all part of our trademarked approach, The Risk Reduction Approach™. Our “top of the stack” submissions, the processes we have perfected over the past five decades, our relentless commitment to excellence… all come together to bring you unmatchable outcomes.