“Simply put, there are no challenges we canít solve together and very few we can really solve ourselves.”

President and CEO

A Delighted Client

“I have been in a Fiscal Management position for more than 10 years and I know Donna and her team are the best I have ever worked with. Suhr Risk is more than a broker that manages our insurance. They are professional partners who work alongside of us. They are a model for how an insurance broker should meet their clients’ needs.”

Patricia DelBene
Finance Director
Go Kids, Inc.


Please consider this an invitation to contact:
Miggie Coxson
Team Leader
Employee Benefits Division

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The benefits of experience

We are an employer — just like you. We understand the joys, challenges, frustrations, and reward of developing and managing a team of people.
Our companies have both tangible assets and human assets. Certainly, I think we'd agree that our most valuable employees are our most powerful asset.

So, we need strategies to find and retain top talent, while at the same time, we need to minimize our employee benefits premiums.  Our acclaimed Employee Benefits consultants will help you with the creative design, funding, administration, communication and implementation of your benefit programs.

Total Benefits Approach™

Our trademark approach, the Total Benefits Approach™, leads to a tailored benefits program which achieves corporate goals, reduces administrative burden, and becomes an extension of your Human Resources Department.

Our benefits expertise

As we redefine the role of traditional insurance and retirement strategies, we are at the leading edge with options that make sense for your company, your employees, and your financial future.

Partial Sampling of Client-Valued Services

  • A trademarked approach, the Total Benefits Approach™
  • Unmatched intellectual capital
  • Benefits program design and analysis
  • Tactical marketing to insurance companies that specialize in private sector health care programs and benefits
  • Deep and broad insurance carrier representation
  • COBRA administration
  • Development of web-based and other on-line communication strategies to your employees
  • HR consulting, assessment, infrastructure, recruiting
  • Employee direct assistance with complex claim situations
  • Benchmarking and actuarial analysis
  • Self-funded feasibility analysis
  • Benefits administration training
  • Statistical claims analysis
  • FSA and HSA plan administration
  • ERISA compliance and reporting
  • HIPPA compliance consulting
  • Updates on federal and state legislation
  • Business continuation planning
  • Retirement planning and other tax advantage planning
  • Educational seminars

Marketing Strategies

We are very deliberate in the processes we employ to negotiate the most competitive pricing an insurance company is postured to offer for each and every one of the policies we bring to you. Accomplishing this challenging outcome is part art, part science, part initiative, and all part of our trademarked approach, the Total Benefits Approach™. Our “top of the stack” submissions, the processes we have perfected over the past five decades, our relentless commitment to excellence… all come together to bring you unmatchable outcomes.