“Failing to plan is your most expensive exposure.”

President and CEO

A Delighted Client

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional advice for over 25 years. Over the many years, you have counseled us on complicated estate tax and wealth preservation concepts. With your guidance, we have obtained legal advice and have implemented a comprehensive estate plan. We appreciate the fact that we were never pressured to purchase life insurance or other insurance products. ”

Dolph Shapiro, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon, Retired
Hillsborough, CA


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Ed Rusnak, MBA
Representing Suhr Risk Services of California
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Minimizing the ultimate burden

A well-designed estate plan relieves enormous burdens on you, as well as your heirs. Your goals for preserving and transferring wealth need to take into account the demands of your current life situation and the potentially large tax implications that go along with inheritance.

Our accredited estate planners will help you through the estate planning maze that none of us are really prepared to navigate. Years of experience with estate planning in general, and business succession planning in particular, will give you the needed tools and confidence that we are managing the complexities of your estate.

Successful succession

In particular, business owners come to us with concerns about preserving wealth for the next generation. We fully understand the intricacies of building estate plans so that your business stays in the family and isn’t hobbled by a significant cost you didn’t anticipate. We comprehend the challenges and alternative solutions available to assure that your assets go to the right people or organizations without placing a huge tax consequence on your heirs.


  • Financial Planning
  • Design of creative Executive Benefits and Executive Bonus Plans
  • Development of Key Person protection plans
  • Disability Income and Disability Buy-Out protection plans for professionals
  • Review your wills, trusts and business agreements to make sure they perform as you intend
  • Review life insurance contracts to determine appropriateness to your current situation and the competitiveness of their pricing models
  • Run “in-force” ledgers showing prospective performance of various options and funding alternatives
  • Explore gift exclusion techniques to help pay for the “high cost of dying”
  • Deliver estate planning tool s appropriate to your needs, including ILITs, LLCs, FLPs,
  • Trusts, Gifts, Split Dollar, corporate funds, etc.
  • Alternatives for Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection , Family Protection, and Income
  • Replacement Plans
  • Long Term Care Insurance for extended health and life challenges

Marketing Strategies

We are very deliberate in the processes we employ to negotiate the most competitive pricing an insurance company is postured to offer for each and every one of the policies we bring to you. Accomplishing this challenging outcome is part art, part science, part initiative. Our “top of the stack” submissions, the processes we have perfected over the past five decades, our relentless commitment to excellence… all come together to bring you unmatchable outcomes.