“We strive to serve as consultative brokers and as an indispensable part of our client’s network of professional advisors. Committed to your success, we are focused on bringing you superior quality at every juncture.”

President and CEO

A Delighted Client

“The Suhr organization has turned my skepticism into appreciation, as they have followed through and delivered on promises like no other insurance agency. I have been in the business world for more than 30 years and have worked with many different insurance brokers during this time. Suhr Risk Services truly sets a whole new standard and has consistently delivered extraordinary results, coupled with absolute integrity.”

F. John Draeger
Draeger's Super Markets, Inc.

WC That Works!™

Working with Suhr Risk Services gives you access to our proprietary resource library: loss control tools, forms, templates and samples that will help you regain control of the long-term cost of workers' compensation insurance.
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Mike Panza, ARM, WCCA, CWCS
Director of Risk Management

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Setting the standard

Our foundation, the very heart and soul of our organization, is Workers’ Compensation. It goes without saying; the Workers’ Compensation system is unpredictable and unfair. Once an injury occurs, inconsistencies inherent in the process lead to your substantial disadvantage. In a nutshell, if left to its own devices, the impact of the Workers’ Compensation system on your bottom line can be nothing short of destructive.

Our strategy

Virtually representing all powerful Workers' Compensation insurers in the State of California, we have developed market presence second to none. There is a reason we have earned the brand as "The Kings of Comp". This reputation has been built by our proven ability to deliver remarkable results to even the most seasoned Workers' Compensation buyer. Our proprietary trademark approaches reduce workers' compensation costs to their absolute minimum.


Our business plan is built around an expertise in very specific niches. When you combine this know-how with the fact we have more professional designations per employee than any other insurance broker in California, our intellectual capital becomes something to reckon with.

Our genuine appreciation for people and our limitless passion to be the best in our business is a rather powerful motivator in the relationships we enjoy with our clients. It’s a commitment to be a “trusted adviser” rather than simply another vendor selling insurance products.

Partial Sampling of Client-valued Services

  • A trademarked approach, WC that Works!™
  • Unmatched intellectual capital
  • Strategic management of the “open claims” review process
  • In-house claims division to “police” insurance companies adjusters
  • Tactical marketing to insurance companies that dominate the Workers’ Compensation  marketplace
  • Proven processes to drive experience modification factors down to their lowest low
  • Class code re-assignment analysis
  • Fraudulent claim identification and tracking procedures
  • Safety program development and execution
  • Cal-OSHA compliance audits
  • Development and implementation of innovative loss control programs
  • Development and implementation of Return-to-work programs
  • Accident/loss statistical analysis
    Ergonomic programs
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Educational seminars
  • Calendar of commitments
  • International expertise

Marketing Strategies

We are very deliberate in the processes we employ to negotiate the most competitive pricing an insurance company is postured to offer for each and every one of the policies we bring to you. Accomplishing this challenging outcome is part art, part science, part initiative, and all part of our trademarked approach, WC That Works!™.  Our “top of the stack” submissions, the processes we have perfected over the past five decades, our relentless commitment to excellence… all come together to bring you unmatchable outcomes.